Wellbeing is the foundation for a healthy and engaged workplace

Wellbeing at work is providing a culture where it is common practice to look after yourself and the people you work with. 

To achieve and sustain workplace wellbeing requires a holistic approach that drives culture change across all levels of the organisation.  Employee wellbeing is beneficial for everyone.

Promoting wellbeing at work is fundamental for engagement, productivity and retention

Charlotte Hathaway is a Health and Wellbeing Consultant. She offers onsite training, consultancy and supervision. Charlotte designs and delivers evidence-based programmes based on neuroscience, restorative practices and positive psychology.

A dynamic and engaging trainer, inspirational speaker and trusted supervisor, Charlotte specialises in project managing behaviour change programmes.  Using an anthropological standpoint, Charlotte is able to quickly observe, evaluate and advise organisations on how to develop a culturally appropriate and sustainable wellbeing environment in their workplace.

Research shows that utilising a specialist on site is the most effective way to establish and sustain an authentic wellbeing culture

Investing in a subject matter expert onsite to develop and operationalise wellbeing into your workplace, helps you successfully implement what your organisation wants to achieve.

How I can help you promote wellbeing in your organisation


I provide training and supervision, tailored to your business needs.  I work collaboratively with you to design and implement project based and organisational training programmes…  Read more…


I provide technical expertise and advice to people at all levels of an organisation.  I work alongside your leadership team to develop and implement projects aligned with your health, safety and wellbeing strategy.   Read more…


I offer practical off-site wellness workshops that encompass all aspects health and wellbeing.  These seminars provide practical tools to incorporate into all areas of your life.   Read more…

Wellbeing is about bringing your whole self to work so everyone can get the job done – together

My name is Charlotte Hathaway, I am a Health and Wellbeing Consultant.  I bring over 25 years work experience in public and community health, high risk industrial, corporate and Government settings.
I advise business owners and senior leaders on best practice for integrating sustainable wellbeing change.

I design and deliver tailor-made work programmes specific to your organisational needs.
This can range from implementing behavioural change programmes and complex case management,  to developing customised training sessions, resources, tool-kits, and supervision.

Now is the best time to focus on the wellbeing of your workplace.

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The path to wellness differs for every person; however it can start by you
providing your employees with the necessary skills to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.
It is about creating the appropriate atmosphere for change and supporting people through this process.

You can begin this today by contacting me for a free consultation to discuss where your business is now
and ways we could work together to enhance wellbeing in your workplace.

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