Creating sustainable wellbeing in your workplace is achieved through ongoing collaboration, communication and flexibility

Wellbeing at work is about creating a culture where it is common practice to look after yourself and the people you work with. 

To achieve and sustain workplace wellbeing requires a holistic approach that drives culture change across all levels of the organisation.  When you work with a wellbeing specialist to support you, it’s much more likely that you will be able to role model change and really make a difference.

Helping you bring wellbeing alive in your organisation is what I do

Hello, my name is Charlotte Hathaway.  I have worked in health and wellbeing all my life and currently I operate as a Wellbeing Consultant.  I see my role as a  ‘linker’ or facilitator.  Working alongside people in your business, I help weave your existing wellbeing programmes together in alignment to your organisational strategy or company vision. This integrates wellbeing into standard operating practice. All my work is developed through evidence-based practices. This can include a combination of positive psychology, anthropology, natural health modalities, neuroscience and restorative practices. There is no one size fits all package – it all depends on where you are at – and what your business needs at this time. 

Dynamic and engaging by nature, I specialise in culture change project management. I am motivated to help make a difference in organisational health and wellbeing. I use the anthropological standpoint of listening, observing and evaluating.  I offer realistic advice on how to develop sustainable wellbeing in your workplace for both individuals and the organisation as a whole. 

Research shows that utilising a specialist on site is the most effective way to establish and sustain an authentic wellbeing culture

Investing in a subject matter expert onsite to develop and operationalise wellbeing into your workplace, helps you successfully implement what your organisation wants to achieve.

How I can help you promote wellbeing in your organisation


I offer one to one sessions to help you restore health and wellness back into your life.

This could be a practical one to one yoga class, a natural health consultation and/or a workplace supervision session. These appointments can be organised either at my office, online, or at your workplace.

All sessions are tailored to meet your current needs so you can incorporate the changes into your lifestyle.

I work collaboratively with you to design and implement a daily wellbeing plan.  Read more…


I provide technical expertise and advice to people at all levels of an organisation.  I work alongside your leadership team to develop and implement projects aligned with your workplace strategies.   Read more…


I offer practical off-site one day wellbeing workshops for woman. These wellness days combine self care strategies with breathing and relaxation techniques.

The workshops are offered mid-week and are intended to be a ‘micro’ retreat from your usual busy schedule. The Wellness Day’s are located in Wellington and are fully catered.  All you need to do is turn up.   Read more…

Wellbeing is about bringing your whole self to work so everyone can get the job done – together

Wellbeing starts with you – where you are right now.

In the workplace, wellbeing is about working seamlessly across the organisation.  The aim is to incorporate wellbeing into existing work processes so that people feel motivated and engaged. It also helps create a culture where people feel supported to speak up and ask for help when needed.

Wellbeing is about encouraging people to find space.

How I work with you depends on what you think your business needs.  It might be meeting for a few start up conversations. You may have staff who would benefit from wellness coaching, or support to get your wellbeing project off the ground into business as usual.

Together, we can co-design and deliver tailor-made work programmes specific to your needs. This can range from reviewing current wellbeing practices, implementing projects and reviewing complex case management.  Additionally, I deliver customised training sessions, self-care resources, tool-kits, and offer workplace supervision.

If this resonates with you – then let’s get started.

Lets have a conversation

The path to wellness is different for every person.

We have to look after ourselves before we can genuinely support others.

 Start now – both for yourself and for the people you work with.

The key is to keep it simple by creating a safe and supportive atmosphere. This enables wellbeing engagement and becomes a great place to work.

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