Promote a wellbeing culture in your organisation

Training and Supervision

I provide training and supervision tailored to your business needs.  I work collaboratively with you to design and implement project based and organisational training programmes.

Examples of training programmes include:

  • recognising and responding to unacceptable behaviour
  • prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment
  • self care practices for mental health
  • restorative practices for behaviour change
  • case management for employee mental wellbeing.

Supervision can be provided to both individuals and groups.  It can be used as follow up to training or offered as required for specific case management.


I offer technical expertise and advice to people at all levels of an organisation. I work alongside your leadership team to develop and implement projects aligned with your health, safety and wellbeing strategy. This typically requires a short-term in house contract to fully embed the particular work programme.

Examples include:

  • behaviour management programmes
  • health promotion projects
  • fatigue risk management 
  • mental wellbeing for emergency response.

Wellness workshops & seminars

I offer practical off-site wellness workshops that encompass all aspects health and wellbeing.  These seminars provide practical tools to incorporate into all areas of your life.

The aim of these workshops is to help you manage stress and increase resilience.  You will learn simple strategies that you can transfer into your working life.

In the workshops you will learn:

  • breathing and relaxation
  • resilience and self-care
  • defining your non-negotiates 
  • how to sustain a personalised wellness regime.

Wellbeing is about being at ease with ourselves
and being conscious of how we need to look after ourselves and each other

It’s about bringing your whole self to work – so everyone can get the job done – together.

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